ASCOM versus Spectre/Meltdown

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    Sep 25, 2014
    A recent Windows Update to patch the infamous Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability (KB40569892) has had a side-effect on some ASCOM components.

    If you experience problems with this, a tool has been created to fix it. The following was posted to the ASCOM-Talk forum.

    To use it:
    • Create a new directory on your PC
    • Extract the three files in the zip to the new folder.
    • You may need right click on the FixDCOM.exe file and remove the protection that Microsoft may have enabled during the download.
    • Double click the FixDCOM executable
    • Say yes to the security dialogue to permit it to make changes
    • Select: Apply revised settings to fix Microsoft Spectre /Meltdown issue (DCOM Authenticate = Call) from the dropdown list
    • Click the Apply button

    Please note that this fixes all components installed by the Platform, including POTH, but you may still need further changes if any of your hardware drivers are also affected by the MS update. This involves running DCOMCNFG and setting the component's authentication level to "Call".

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