M13 and M101

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    May 13, 2018
    CanonEOSII Rebel T7i 'modified by Hutech' using a TeleVue 2XPowerMate for 2400mmF/L thru a 152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare) on an Astro-Physics 1200GTO '2010' Mount for sixteen 55secISO6400 exposures and sixteen 36secISO6400 exposures . I put the thirtytwo CR2.s into MaximDL Pro V6.16 and Sum stacked them and then the FITSsaved as 32bit-Interger I put into "ImagesPLus" to work on it...IEEEFloat won't there . I did various commands . M13 image .x

    CanonEOSII RebelT7imodified 'TPO 80A' 2400mmFL using a TeleVue 2XPowerMate thru a 152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare) for 247secISO6400 for four-CR2s into MaximDL Pro V6.16 to Average stack and 'SaveAs..' a 32bitInterger FITS ...then into "ImagesPlus" to work on it . "Multi Point Flatten Background" is used with a lot of 'points around the outer image area and then the radio button for 'Balance All Points To Target Level' and then from the droplist I select 1024 instead of the default 5120 and press 'Apply' and the background should become blacked to remove debris on M101 image and the other darkened images .x

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