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Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by Pieter Strauss, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Pieter Strauss

    Pieter Strauss Cyanogen Customer

    Nov 3, 2014
    Support for the Nikon 7200 seems to be in MaximDL 6.13, but the results are unusable. I have tried both 1) convert color on a single NEF, and 2) stacked a set of 10 frames and then applied convert color. In each case the resulting image is grainy and the color is way off. Images are of a section of the milky way. Tried it with a daylight image, and the result is similarly bad. When I run the images though Adobe's DNG converter and then take them into Photoshop, the color is correct -- but I can't use MaximDL for DDP and other desirable functions. MaximDL will accept the DNG images, but convert color has the same bad result.

    What to do? When I select convert color, I get a dialog box with lots of choices. I select "Nikon 7200" in the camera box and leave the other values defaulted. Is there something obvious I am missing?
  2. Tim

    Tim Staff Member

    Sep 25, 2014
    Support may have just been added for this camera model, but we do not have a Nikon 7200 in-house to obtain the correct color conversion settings. So the color conversion settings currently in MaxIm DL are default values and may not work correctly for your camera until the conversion settings are tweaked. Have you tried adjusting the color conversion settings? Here are the steps for obtaining the correct color conversion settings for your camera:

    1.) Take a photo of something that you know the color of

    2.) Open the "Convert Color" window

    3.) If you camera is not listed in the "Select Camera" dropdown list, select the bayer matrix that your camera uses, either RGB, or CMYG.

    4.) Adjust the offsets until you get closest to the correct color

    5.) Next, take a photo of something that you know is white. You could either take a photo of a G2V spectral class star (or close to it) should be white. You can find a list of G2V class stars in the help files at the following link:

    Otherwise you could take a photo of a sheet of white paper illuminated by daylight. *Do not* illuminate the paper with incandescent or florescent lights as this will contaminate the color spectrum.

    6.) Use the "Color Balance" command to set the correct balance for the white image

    7.) Use the Color Balance values as your values in the "Convert Color" window.

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