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Discussion in 'Scripting and Programming' started by CraigNZ, Apr 4, 2018.

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    Dec 29, 2014
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    I am using a Delphi application and Maxim Scripting to auto process a large number of images. The Delphi application has successfully connected to the Maxim application and fetched the application version, so I am now ready to to begin adding functions.

    First, to create a Master Dark I would call CalClear, then CalAddDark and specify all of the dark images in a folder. I then call CalSet to combine them and create a Master Dark. My question is, how do I save the Master Dark so that I don't have to recreate it each time I perform calibration of images. I can also use CreateCalibrationGroups to create and save the Master Dark but it seems an overkill because it wants to process multiple folders and multiple types of images, sort them into groups, etc. All I need is to combine the dark frames in a folder and save the Master Dark.

    Second, when calibrating images, do I call CalClear, then CalAddDark but specify the Master Dark and then CalSet to load the Master Dark? Then I assume I simply call Calibrate on each document and it will dark subtract the Master Dark? Or do I use CreateCalibrationGroups and load the MasterDark image?


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