2011 driver after loading latest 2015 files

Discussion in 'STF Series CCD Cameras' started by Miguel Garcia, Dec 8, 2015.

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    Jul 3, 2015
    OK I'm separating it from my other thread to give this specific question more visibility:

    Windows 10 Device Manager reports a 2011 date for the camera driver, but driver files loaded by SBIG driver checker are 2015 (all but one from 2009). Tried a few times to force the driver but windows keeps reporting an older 2011 driver.

    I tried twice to delete the "2011" driver, manually forced the new drivers in the corresponding directory from device manager as instructed in the readme file...rebooted, etc...no luck...help is appreciated.

    64 bits WIndows 10 pro, STF-8300M camera, latest device checker 64 bits....thanks.

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