ALERT: Primaluce Power Cables

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  1. Doug

    Doug Staff Member

    Sep 25, 2014
    Primaluce Labs has unfortunately shipped out a batch of Aluma CCD / StarChaser / STC power cables that are wired incorrectly.

    Do not use these cables.

    Our cameras are protected against reverse voltages, but we can't stop the short circuit between 12V and the USB port ground connection. The result is that it blows the main board in the camera and the USB ports on the computer.

    This does not affect Aluma AC, STF, STT, STXL, and STX cameras, as they have different connectors.

    If you have purchased one of these cables, please contact Primaluce for a replacement. If you have used one of these cables, please contact both us and Primaluce.

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