Aluma Software V1.10, Firmware 16

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  1. Doug

    Doug Staff Member

    Sep 25, 2014
    We have a new release of the Aluma driver software and firmware.

    Please note that on this revision if you update the driver, you must also update the firmware.

    DLAPI Changes
    • Changes required to support Firmware 16
    • New capabilities (to be announced... stay tuned)
    MaxIm DL Plug-in Changes (V6.20.2)
    • Fixes error in guider relay control logic
    Firmware 16 Changes
    • Fixes interaction of binning settings between guide camera and main camera
    Firmware 15 Changes
    • Fixes I2C timing error that could cause filter wheel error
    • Firmware now forces exposure to wait until wheel finishes turning (i.e. prevents controlling software from starting exposure prematurely).
    To update your drivers and firmware:
    1. Download
    2. Install the downloaded file
    3. Go to Start menu / DL Config Utility and run the DL Config Utility
    4. Click on your camera in the list
    5. Click the "Download FPGA" button, wait for download to complete
    6. Click the "Update FPGA" button, wait for the operation to complete. This may take several minutes and the application may appear unresponsive; do NOT interrupt.
    7. When prompted, power your camera off and on again
    8. Click the Refresh button and click on your camera again
    9. Verify "Firmware Rev" is now 16.
  2. Colin Hall

    Colin Hall Standard User

    May 21, 2019
    Many thanks for this, I've been struggling to get my Aluma 47-10M ands FW8G-Aluma working together (I kept getting a "waiting for filter wheel" error) BUT this has resolved the issue and the camera is merrily taking dark and bias frames ready for this evenings imaging. I post this in case there are any Aluma owners experiencing similar issues. Dark skies.

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