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  1. Radinkel

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    Oct 27, 2019
    thinking about the AO-8A:
    My optic train is: RC 12" with Reducer (1670mm focal lenth) - SX-Offaxisguider(short) on SX-Filterwheel (7x36mm) - SBIG STF-8300m.
    1.) Can I use the AO-8A in front of the SBIG without vignetting?
    2.) Which guider softwar could I use. PHD2 doesn't work? Which else?
    3) If Maxim DL required: I have a license of Maxim DL IP 6, price of an update to Maxim DL Pro in bundle with the AO-8A? Do you ship to germany?
    Thanks for your help
  2. Colin Haig

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    Oct 27, 2014
    Thanks for contacting us.
    That's an interesting combination of equipment.

    The AO-8A relies on an SBIG device that includes a guide sensor and AUX port to control it:
    a) The normal choice today would be an SBIG StarChaser SC-2 autoguding camera with AO control
    b) An SBIG Aluma camera such as the Aluma U814 and Self-Guiding Filter Wheel. We're moving to standard filter wheels with the SC-2, as the CCD in the self-guiding wheels is discontinued.

    The AO-8A has a large enough opening when used with the SC-2 and an SBIG FW8-8300 filter wheel to illuminate the STF-8300M sensor on most telescopes without vignetting.

    In your case, you'd have to find a way to mechanically attach the AO-8A + SC-2 to the filter wheel.
    This would involve modifying you SX-Filter Wheel to drill some holes or make some kind of mechanical adapter.
    I don't know if the distances would be within the adjustment range of the pick-off mirror of the SC-2 to reach focus.
    I also don't know what the light cone of the scope would be like to determine the focal plane distance.
    You'd have to work this out or experiment.

    I recommend using MaxIm DL Pro.
    The program you use MUST be able to run the guider and rapidly send the control signals to the AO-8A through the AUX i2c interface.
    It needs to be compatible with the DLImaging drivers, not the old SBIGUDRV.

    There is no ASCOM support for any adaptive optics device - the standard doesn't support it.

    Upgrading MaxIm IP to DL Pro is US$200.
    If you renew your support subscription on IP for $150, and buy an SC-2, then we would give you DL Pro without any extra charge.

    Yes, we can ship to Germany.
    These products are also available through local dealers like Baader Planetarium, Nimax, and Teleskop Service.
    You are most welcome.
    Best regards, and stay healthy!

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