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  1. Don Elledge

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    Nov 3, 2018

    I have another question regarding calibration of a CDK 700 with a STX 16803 and STX guider and AOX. The Calibration of the Drive is very difficult even when I obtain a bright star with no other bright stars in the field. I know the system settles for 3 seconds on the 1st image but does not do the same for the other images. I do see the star move in the image and it moves more the 5 pixels but the system does not identify the star. The CDK 700 does seem to have some settling time after the movement of the mount that might be causing the image to become a big deformed that causes the problem. I do not have the same issue with the calibration of the AOX. This seems to go somewhat more smoothly.

    My question, is there a way to set a settle time after each move during the calibration process. If not, is there some other advice someone can provide me to get it to more easily calibrate. I have it calibrated but it does see to get out of whack sometimes for the mount movements.

  2. Bob Denny

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    Don — I happened to see this. Using ACP the drive calibration is irrelevant. And in MaxIm, the drive calibration serves only to determine the mount “bumping” directions in X and Y. Since ACP knows your imager Position Angle and your guider”s angle relative to the PA (an installation step), it can (and does) calculate the AO’s X and Y polarities as well as the “swap axes” factor. If you go to ACP Help and look over the info there, it is explained in detail. For excruciating detail (which is totally unnecessary to know but might be “interesting”) see ACP Help > Rotator Control and in the first paragraph see the engineering paper Rotated Guiding of Astronomical Telescopes. I warned you... it’s engineering info ha ha. But so far I think I know you well enough to think you may benefit and maybe even enjoy.

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