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    May 13, 2018
    I quit drinking on Easter 1989 and it has been 31 years since then without drinking alcoholic beverages ...yay-day .
    I was checking the ASUS Laptop's Windows 10 "Device Manager" with the CanonEOSII RebelT7i modified @ Hutech , 'connected' … and
    I used the 'View' drop-list and I selected the 'Show hidden devices' and there were three descriptions for the CanonEOS Rebel T7i .
    When I checked the 'Properties' a message said ' device not installed properly needs fix ' and all three of the descriptions showed the same thing
    in their 'Properties' . I was 'connected' to the EOS Utility and I tapped on a button that had two arrows in a circular direction and I was
    'connected' to the Internet and the button happened to be an 'Update' button and there was a new version of the EOS Utility . I downloaded
    it and then dis-connected from the Internet and Rebel T7i and I 'installed' the 'file' and I now have a newer EOS Utility version .
    I 'connected' the Rebel T7i to the Laptop and to the Internet and the EOS Utility was active … I did use the "Device Manager" and I saw an extra
    CanonEOS RebelT7i description with the other three and the new description had in it's 'Properties' the ' the device is working correctly ' and the
    other three still had the old ' fix ' messages .. so I 'Uninstalled' the older three descriptions and the Rebel T7i is working 'OK' .
    I then went to the Canon/USA site and looked up the CanonEOSII Rebel T7i and there is now a " Firmware Update " 32mb and I downloaded
    it a few times . I dis-connected from the Internet and I un-zipped the " Firmware Update " and I read the PDF manual and it said put the
    RebelT7i to the " P " position on the Dial and begin the " Firmware Update " and it's now version 1.2.0 . But it still won't do over 30 second exposures
    in MaximDL Pro V6.20 ….. yet . x

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