Can't connect STF-8300M using CCDSoft V 5. Get error code 1027 (403)

Discussion in 'STF Series CCD Cameras' started by vineyardmh, Mar 29, 2020.

  1. vineyardmh

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    Mar 29, 2020
    I am trying to connect a STF-8300 to an Eagle3 (PrimaLuceLabs product)- which has a Windows 10 Enterprise OS. CCDSoft Ver 5.00.218.

    Since I couldn't connect to the camera - I checked the CCDSoft operability - and was able to connect the computer to an ST-2000XM with no problems. THEN - I checked the operability of the ST8300M using CCDOps...and that worked. [That should verify basic operability of power supply, cables and computer...]

    When trying to connect using CCDSoft - I select the camera option as: SBIG ST-402/8300/1602/3200.
    It won't connect - and I get 'Undescribed error - error code = 1027 (403).
    I have run SBIGDriverChecker64 - and it tells me I have latest drivers installed.
    When I use Device Manager (DM) - the main hardware listing includes "SBIG USB Devices"- no yellow exclamation point. DM lists it as SBIG USB-64 Camera with Firmware. I tried 'update driver' - and get a report "The best driver software for your device is already installed."

    SO - I have run out of things to check. I have searched the archives here and found nothing.

    Does anyone have any suggestions at to what I might be missing?

    UPDATE - I have tried various USB ports on the Eagle3...and I get same basic results - I can connect using CCDOps - but not CCDSoft.
    I do get some other error Error code = 1163 (48b) also.

    UPDATE 2 - after reading many of the posts here - I saw one to check the FIRMWARE of the camera. The SBIG 64-Bit Driver Check reports the following:
    stf-8300usb.bf2 Camera has 2.40 Release ver 2.63 (not current)
    stf-8300ga.bf2 Camera has 2.15 Release ver 2.25 (not current)
    I decided to not try to update - unless it is recommended.


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  2. Colin Haig

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    Oct 27, 2014
    The ST-8300 and STF-8300 are similar, but the STF-8300 is a lot faster (F for Fast).
    I'm assuming you mean that you have an STF.
    If the Driver Checker and CCDops talk to it the camera (eg get firmware version, take an image), then that means the computer is talking to it successfully.

    It is generally safe to upgrade the firmware to the latest.
    Close any other programs down.
    Ensure the camera is on good power (don't do this during possible thunderstorms, power outages, off battery - use good AC power).
    Use the firmware tab to get the firmware, and update the firmware.
    Be patient - it can take several minutes.

    CCDSoft is a product of Software Bisque, it's not one of ours. I believe it is no longer supported.
    I would recommend you consider purchasing MaxIm DL Pro. You can get a demo version by scrolling down this page to the BLUE button labelled DEMO:

    Good luck.

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