Connecting ST-i to Losmandy/Portable

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  1. Doug Askew

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    Jul 30, 2018
    Columbus, Ohio
    I purchased a STi to replace my ST4c and upgraded the controls of the G11 over a year ago but had second major stroke and just now starting to have the mind & physical controls to want to get back to astrophotography with my scope, mount & computer. I noticed that the STi so now obsolete so what are the steps & recommendations to get all connected and what cables go where. My new portable needs to be updated software wise including I can imagine CCDOPS?
    I promise to reply to all who offer any technical knowledge, tips, tricks & traps and I continue walk my way back...
    Doug Askew
  2. Colin Haig

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    Oct 27, 2014
    Doug - welcome back...
    The ST-I is a great little camera; unfortunately ON Semiconductor stopped making the CCD sensor for it, without a viable substitute.

    You can get the camera's manual, the SBIG Driver Checker and CCDOps at no charge from our website.
    Download them from the Downloads tab on the Obsolete Products Archive page for the ST-I:

    The USB mini B cable goes to the camera and the other end to the computer.
    If you want to use the guiding connection, the RJ12 flat telephone style cable would go between the camera and mount. I don't know enough about the version of the G11 you have to tell you if the guider cable needs to be changed around.

    Have fun!

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