Cool new logo !

Discussion in 'Support Forum and Web Site Issues' started by Colin Haig, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Colin Haig

    Colin Haig Staff Member

    Oct 27, 2014
    I like the new Diffraction Limited logo. It seems a bit orbital... and like finding Sirius B...
  2. Doug

    Doug Staff Member

    Sep 25, 2014
    Thanks! The artist's original concept was for two versions - an artistic version of a CD-ROM for our Cyanogen/software products and an artistic version of a galaxy for SBIG/hardware products. That was a fantastic concept... except hardly anyone is using disks anymore! So she took the two concepts and blended them together into something quite beautiful!

    (Monochrome version above is not the greatest... when I have a moment I'll see if we can do something better on the forum.)

    This is just the beginning of a major transformation of our online presence...

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