Disconnection problems with SC-3

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  1. Martin Pugh

    Martin Pugh Cyanogen Customer

    Oct 27, 2014
    This SC3 I have does not seem very happy.

    Half the time the DL Config utility cannot find it and consequently SGP cannot connect. But when it does connect in SGP (after a cycle of the power to the camera) via the ASCOM driver, it keeps disconnecting every minute or so. In fact, it appears that it is dropping the USB connection frequently. I have now moved it from a powered USB hub and plugged it into my imaging PC direct. Will feedback.

    In Device Manager I see SBIG Camera A and SBIG Camera B and it shows this even when the other SBIG camera is not even powered. When I remove power to the SC-3, both Camera A and B disappear. Normal?

    Out of all of the other systems I have running SBIG cameras this is the only one that shows SBIG Camera A/B, on other systems it is listed differently (same OS).

    Under the ASCOM driver, should I select 'Use External Sensor'

    I am using DL Config 1.9.4 and the firmware of the SC-3 is v6.

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  2. Colin Haig

    Colin Haig Staff Member

    Oct 27, 2014
    Yes, SBIG Camera A and B are two halves of one camera. This is normal for the SC-3. The Celestron Nightscape series are another camera family that has an A and B side.

    Do not use [x] External Sensor - that would be for a remote guide head attached to a camera like the Aluma 814 CCD that can operate dual chip.

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