DL API Version Released

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    Sep 25, 2014
    DL API Version is now released. DLAPI is used to operate SBIG Aluma and StarChaser cameras.
    • Added support for StarChaser cameras
    • Added branding for new CMOS camera models
    • Added support for updating Artix-7 FPGAs
    • Extended error reporting API
    • Fixed issue with AO8/AOX misidentification
    • Fixed issue recognizing ICX814 sensors
    • Various bugfixes
    The update also brings the MaxIm DL plug-in up to V6.21:
    • Added support for StarChaser cameras
    • Improvements to firmware uploading algorithm adding extra security against uploading invalid firmware files to a camera
    • Added support for shutter polarity, and enabling Status LED via the DL Config user interface
    • Improved dark frame management
    • Refined star detection algorithm
    • Extended DLXML interface to include retrieving firmware revision number
    • Added "On Top" option to the user interface
    • Various bugfixes
    The MaxIm DL V6.21 installer also includes all of the above; however, to get the ASCOM functionality you must install the full DL API, available from:


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