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    DL API is used to control all new SBIG cameras and accessories, including the STC, Aluma CCD, Aluma AC, and StarChaser series. For the older ST, STF, STT, STX, and STXL series please use SBIG Universal.

    DL API is available for download from your camera's product page.

    IMPORTANT - if you update DL API you must also update the ASCOM driver (if you are using it).

    Release Notes - DL API
    • Added support for AC2020 model cameras.
    • Added support for AFW Series filter wheels.
    • Added support for dual-wheel operation of AFW Series filter wheels.
    • Added support for controlling settable ADC gains (e.g. Analog ADC gains in GSENSE4040).
    • Added native support for software binning in Aluma CCD and StarChaser cameras.
    • Added filter wheel command logging to DL API logs.
    • Added logging support for USB 3.0 based cameras.
    • Changed log timestamps to UTC.
    • Fixed several bugs related to log files.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented cameras from being discoverable in multiple processes running simultaneously.
    • Fixed various minor bugs.

    Release Notes - ASCOM Driver
    • Added support for AFW wheels.
    • Added support for GSENSE2020 (needs Readout Mode overrides for TSX support).
    • Added support for StackPro controls in the ASCOM setup dialog.
    • Added support for controlling camera settings from setup dialog without connecting the camera first
    • Improved image transfer speed.
    • Fixed a crash when attempting to initialize the same camera twice.
    • Fixed various minor bugs.

    Release Notes - MaxIm DL Plug-In (distributed with MaxIm DL)
    • Added Filter Wheel advanced setup dialog (with support for mapping dual-wheel setups).
    • Added support for adjustable gain controls.
    • Added units to StackPro "Sub Exposure" field in DL Config.
    • Fixed sporadic crash when guider images are being taken with AO control.
    • Fixed various minor bugs.
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