Guiding Star Adventurer via Maxim DL 5.24

Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by Daniel Pölzl, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. Daniel Pölzl

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    Sep 13, 2019
    Hi there!

    My current Setup is an Sky Watcher Star Adventurer (Only Ra Axis and ST4Port on Mount) with an Asi1600MM Pro as main Camera on an 430mm f6 Apo. For Guiding i have an Asi120MM on an finder Scope. Guiding Connection is from the Asi120mm with ST4 Cable to the Mount and the Camera via USB to the computer.

    Before i got the 1600mm i used an Stock Sony Camera and used for Guiding PHD2 and it worked well. Max +/-2 arc/sec of error for RA (Deactivating Dec Axis and so on worked well with PHD2.)

    So now with a dedicated Astro-Camera i would like to some kind Automate the workflow with Maxim Dl 5, CCD Autopilot and Focus Max.

    As said i am using Maxim Dl V5.24.

    Connecting/using both cameras works as i should but Guiding does not work.
    Autoguider Output is on "Guider Relays" as it should, right?
    It looks like to me it lacks on the connection from Computer to the Star Adveturer. (Back when using phd2 the Mount's LED where blinking when the software where speaking with the mount. (example calibration)

    So Maxim does not interact with the Star Adventurer and when I'm trying to calibrate it says, that star did move less than 5 pixels ... well thats no wonder to me as Maxim has no connection to the SA...

    Are there any more Settings i have to Change to get it working?
    Maybe something at Oberservatorx Control?

    I spent serveral nights and did not get it work.

    Big thanks already to everyone who's trying to help!!!

    Regards and C.S. from Austria
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    Sep 25, 2014

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