How to Confingure your SBIG CCD camera using CCDOps application

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    To confingure your SBIG CCD camera and write selected results back to its EEPROM, please follow the next few steps:

    1) Enable "Advanced" menu:
    • Press CCDOps->Edit->Preferences. You will see "CCDOps Preferences" dialog box.
    • Click a small rectangular button on the top right side of the "Select the options you want for CCDOps" label.
    • Close this dialog and you will see an "Advanced" menu item next to the Help one.
    2) Configure your camera:
    • Press "Read EEPROM" to see the current EEPROM data stored inside your camera, see STi and STT examples in attachment.
    • Press "Advanced" and select "Camera Configuration" item.
    • Select "Camera Type" to your model if not automatically done. Sometimes, EEPROM in your camera may be corrupted due to some electrical discharge, so driver uses the basic ST-7 camera type.
    • Select "SubModel" if available.
    • Select "Motor Phase" value. You can experiment with up to four values Phase 0 - Phase 3. Each value offsets the shutter according its algorithm, so you should find value which will fully open/close the whole ccd chip. So, if you have any problem with shutter position, please play with this settings first. You always select one value at a time, write it to the cameras' EEPROM using "Write It!" button, restart your camera and take control images to see if ok or not. You should repeat this cycle until you get the good result.
    • Select "Tracker" CCD chip if available.
    • Select CCD Gain/Offset of Imaging and/or Tracking CCD chips if availabe. The "Default Values" are recommended.
    • Select "Antiblooming" option if available.
    • Select "Color CCD" if you have color CCD camera.
    • Select a few other values if available for your camera model.
    • Finally press "Write It!" button to write your values to EEPROM inside your camera.

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