How to enable Crash Dumps for MaxIm

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    Crash Dumps help our support staff to diagnose what happened if MaxIm crashed when you were using it.
    A "crash" is when a program like MaxIm quits unceremoniously, without displaying an error message. This is a rare event, and so we like to investigate them promptly.

    Note that this does not help with a "hang" - when the program title bar says "(not responding)" - as these are usually caused by a hardware problem or an internet server issue.

    Set up Crash Dumps
    If our support staff ask for a ".dmp" file, you will need to set up Crash Dumps on your Windows PC.
    To make this easy:
    Download the attached file.
    Unzip the file.
    Double click the file called: MDLdumpOn.reg
    If it asks for permission, agree.

    This will enable crash dumps.
    You may need to restart your machine for this to take effect.

    Instructions are included in the file called "00readme.txt"

    After a Crash
    If MaxIm crashes, check the CrashDump folder for files like: MaxIm_DL.exe.1234.dmp
    You can usually find them in a folder like this:

    You'll need to ZIP up the file to compress it, as it could be between 64MB and 2GB in size.
    Then you'll need to send that to us using an internet file transfer tool, such as Dropbox, Wetransfer, or Google Drive.

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