How to set Imaging/Tracking CCD offsets using CCDOps application

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    To check/set Imaging/Tracking CCD offsets of your SBIG CCD camera, please follow the next few steps:

    1) Enable "Advanced" menu:
    • Press CCDOps->Edit->Preferences. You will see "CCDOps Preferences" dialog box.
    • Click a small rectangular button on the top right side of the "Select the options you want for CCDOps" label.
    • Close this dialog and you will see an "Advanced" menu item next to the Help one.
    2) Setting Imaging/Tracking CCD offsets:
    • Press "Advanced" menu and select its 3rd "Set USB Offset" item.
    • Select "Active CCD" for which you want to measure the CCD offset.
    • Press "Start" button to start your measurement. Please note, this process takes at least several seconds to less than one minute, depending on your camera type. You will see "Video Offset" values inside the "Working Data" area as well as calculated 8 bit offset value which will be written to the EEPROM inside the "Results" area.
    • You should repeat this measurement several times while observing this calculated 8 bit value which should be later written to the EEPROM. You should select such a measurement which contains the most "stable - repeated" 8 bit value.
    • When you are satisfied with those Imaging/Tracking offset values, write them to your camera using "Write To EEPROM" button and close this dialog with the "Done" button. Please see two attached examples.

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