IC2177 'Seagull Nebula'

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    May 13, 2018
    Canon Refurbished 75-300mm Lens for about $100.00 at about 250mm position but "PinPoint Astrometry" 'solves' at 236mmFL in MaximDLPro V6.16 using a Baader 7nm HydrogenAlpha 2in. filter . I was doing 'piggyback' on and Astro-Physics 1200GTO Mount and 'guiding' and I started with 307secISO6400 for two RAWMonochrome Autosaves . I was searching on the Internet to find out what might make the Spaghetti Nebula more 'flourescent' like other images I've seen and the only thing I can find is maybe the fact that H-Beta(hydrogen beta) is also part of the Hydrogen Alpha complex like NII . The only thing different is the H-Beta is blue , but the amount that should be available is like the NII in a way .. but , on the Internet it says there are about four shells to the Hydrogen atom and when it gets heated it most likely at random could emit the normal hydrogen alpha photon or the hydrogen-beta photon ,or the hydrogen-gamma photon which is toward the ultra-violet in the spectrum and a camera missing link of the Ha imaging ... it could also be possiible to make the H-Beta image a 'red' hue and stack it with the Ha images for more content . I'l try next time I image the Spaghetti Nebula which I checked recently on a spaghetti box for spelling .x

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