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    Linux users may download the LinuxDevKit.tar.gz file, which contains all the necessary stuff to control
    SBIG cameras under Linux operation system. Please see an attached LinuxDevKit_Directory_Structure picture.

    You can find all firmwares for ST and STL cameras, which have to be copied to the /lib/firmware directory including the 51-sbig-debian.rules file, which has to go to the /etc/udev/rules.d directory. The subdirectory app contains very simple testing application with several different testing tasks. The most important part is the libs subdirectory containing the static and shared linux libraries, supporting Intel's 32 bit processors (i386), Intel 64 bit processors (x86_64), and family of ARM processors like: ARM V6, ARM V7 and ARM V8.

    The ARM versions of the driver were tested on Raspberry PI (ARM V6) and Odroid XU3 & UDOO (ARM V7), while Ubuntu 11.4 was used to test PC versions on Intel I5 & I7 processors.


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