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    May 13, 2018
    M107 with a CanonEOSII Rebel T7i 'modified-Hutech' and TeleVue 2.5XPwerMate for 2960mm F/L for 95xpwr'MinusViolet 1.25in. filter
    thru a 152mm A+M Refarctor(OfficinaStellare' 7minISO1600 'Faithful PictureStyle 5200K' for thee TIFF's 'stacked' in "ImagesPLus" and then
    later into MaximDL Pro V6.16 . The image 'solved' with 'Mercater' and GSC . There are small red-brown stars in the cluster but they showed
    that way in MaximDL Pro's "Adjust Saturation 225% with Pixel Restrictions" that would affect them .

    I saw on the Internet about [ Lemon-water ] which you use a lemon in some water in the morning when you wake up and wait about
    1/2 hour till you eat breakfast ... the 'lemon-water' ... I used WalMart brand Lemon concentrate and water and the drink will metabolize and you
    will be Alkalined and normal ...instead of acidy and that can be a safe place for bacteria that is bad for you .. so Alkalinity is better , then the
    food you eat will be digested better . { Lemons and Limes and Tomatoes all are acidy till they metabolize and then the make your cells Alkaline }.

    A small 10kb or 15kb or 20kb JPG image that is small when viewed on a laptop will have a better look to it if it is put into
    MaximDL Pro and use "PixelMath 500%" and then 'MaxVal screen-stretch' and then "Stretch" command to make it 8bit and then "Make Pixels Square"
    and then "Double Size" and then "Unsharp-Mask - Low Pass Filter'" ... and the image should look the same way only larger and display as a JPG
    in the laptop better .?.x

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