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    May 13, 2018
    152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare-1200mmF/L) thru a TeleVue 2.5XPowerMate for an effect of 2960mmFL using a BreakThrough X4-UV 49mm filter with step-rings to 49mm , and a CanonEOSII RebelT7i modified UV-IR @ Hutech . Four RAWMonochrome Autosave images were taken with a 'flush' frame between each 'light' frame and four 67sec images and four 127sec images and one 107secISO12800 image and I did a 'Calibrate' and other commands and I Sum stacked them . I did do two 376sec images with ISO3200 and ISO6400 but there were 'download' problems and diagonal straking so I didn't use them so there isn't any outer spacial area to this M110 image . ))))))))))))))))))) Then I eventually went to DiffractionLimited-Cyanogen-MaximDL Forums and I saw a page about 'bleeding' stars . On that page it said sometimes when the exposure is over and it says 'downloading' sometimes the 'shutter' doesn't close and that's what causes the image to have problems . So , I was wondering what might help to fix that problem . - which would be like for example a rebelT7i but using 7 as a Base number and an Exponent of 0 said as 7 to the 0 power and would be re-written as 7 divided by 7 equals 1 . But this is a description of the difficulty of trying to make the laptop run correctly so the camera's images 'download' correctly . One thing I could do is use the RebelT7i's 'mirror-lockup' for 1 or 2 seconds thru MaximDL Pro V6.16 for RAWMonochrome Autosave Sequence imaging hoping the laptop doesn't get confused by a quick opening of the 'shudder' and 'sensor' activating and when the exposure is over hoping the laptop will close the 'shudder' and correctly 'download' the image . But , I have "McAfee-Livesafe" virus protection in my laptop and I was looking at some of the 'icons' on the 'Home' page and at the bottom-middle there is the 'Speed up Apps' with a 'Setup' button and I read about it and you must be connected to the Internet and there are a couple of pages with 'next' and the first one has the option for McAffe to be checking at Startup which takes a little longer and the other is a fast Startup but McAffe doesn't check for viruses until the laptop is running .... so I have it to the slower Startup with McAffe checking for viruses ; the next page has a checkbox which I checked for 'Speed up Apps' and MaximDL Pro is an App .. because they explain the when you 'install' 'Speed up Apps' which is free it will detect if the App you are using is running slow and it will 'speed' it up to run more normal . So you 'install' 'Spped up Apps' which might be waht needs to be done . But , what could be causing the laptop to run slow ? ... according to McAffe-LiveSafe it's ptobably the ' Cache ' in the laptop which has cookies and other data websites put in when you go to a sites page and the can be large video-streams and they stay in the laptop and some things like 'thumbnails' can also be corrupted do to an in-correct entry in the ' Cache ' . McAfee-Livesafe will generate what's in the ' Cache ' and prompt you to 'delete' these items which is a safe thing to do and my laptop had ' 491mbs ' of ' Cache ' data to delete which an overload of the ' Cache ' can cause the laptop to run slower ... so 'deleting' can be a help . The next time McAfee-Livesafe generates the ' Cache ' content in my laptop will be the first of September . After you have the 'Speed up Apps' 'installed' the 'Setup' button disappears from the 'Home' page 'Speed up Apps' icon ... but if you press the icon a new page should appear and some Apps will be listed and in my laptop there is MaximDL Pro and an App that is being sped up and at first it was ' 4 counts ' and now a few days later it is about ' 20 ' .times . I haven't been out at the Telescope and doing images yet because of rainy weather and the Moon is too bright but August 15 2020 on a Saturday the Moon won't rise till 2:00am early Sunday morning so I hope I can try it then or wait till a clear nite after that . I also was doing a GOOGLE Search about how to clean the laptop's ' Cache ' if I didn't have McAfee and there is a website that has some steps to take which is the ' the GEEK page ' for How to Clear all type of Cache in Windows 10 PC . On this page it says you will type in the laptop's Search with the word ' Run ' and the ' Run App ' option will appear and you tap on it to bring up the ' Run ' page and type into it ' %temp% ' and press Enter and a Folder page appears and there is a list of items and you select them all and then right-click and press the 'Delete' word and this will clear out this ' Cache ' and then you do a 'Run ' again and type in ' temp ' and press Enter and a different Folder page will appear and you select all the listed content and right-click and press 'Delete' to clean out this ' Cache ' and then you do the ' Run ' page again with ' temp ' and more content will be shown for you to 'Delete' and there are a few more names to type into the ' Run ' page to thoroughly clean the internal ' Cache ' content of the laptop which should help it run more normal . Also , I have a Dell 1100 laptop and it had Norton virus protection in it but it expired and I did from the McAfee 'Home' page on the ASUS laptop I have for 'Add a Device' and you press that and it will activate McAfee to send a 'GMail' in my case to the laptop and you then use the other laptop ... the Dell in my case and connect to the Internet and go to GMail and then 'open' the McAfee e-mail and use the 'link' to 'download' McAfee-Livesafe to the laptop and 'install' it .... I ran a Full Scan with the Dell and McAfee-Livesafe and it detected and removed a virus named ' RSourse.dll ' or something like that which means that files with ' .dll ' in the laptop's 'Cache ' aren't necessary for the laptop to run and the ' the GEEK page ' directions I tried but I didn't 'Delete' any thing yet had a lot of items ending with ' .dll ' as an extention to them .... but these are some options that might work but I don't know how safe it is to do the laptop's ' Run ' proceedure to clean the Folders with the 'temp' ' Cache ' items .x McAfee-Livesafe ...????? .x I also did thu the ASUS Start Menu button and selecting 'Settings' brings up a page and I pressed the 'Updates' icon and I did a 'Search for Updates' last night and there was a lot of contect to 'download' and 'install' which was for ' .Net4 to 4.5 ' which took a few hours but it's done now .x

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