M16 with Baader Fringe Killer 2in. filter

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    May 13, 2018
    CanonEOSII RebelT7i'Mod. UV-IR @ Hutech' using a Baader FringeKiller 2in. filter thru a TeleVue 2.5XPowerMate
    thru a 152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare) on an Astro-Physices 1200GTO Mount doing 666secISO1600 for
    four RAWMonochrome Autosaves and this image was Astrometric - Sigma-Clip Linear 75% and SigmaFactor 0.5 without
    any IgnoreOver and the Log said 'clipped 99%' of the pixels ...and this is the result ; all the images
    were 'EqualizeStretch' to this image before 'SaveAs..' a JPG .x
    I tried one of the single images of M16 RAWMonochrome Autosaves with 'calibration' with Bias , Dark , and Flat masters and
    on the same image again I 'unchecked' the Flat master and did 'calibrate' and the two images looked the same way with the
    same amount of white hot specks disappearing from the image … so it must have just been the 600secISO1600 5-frame Average
    DARKMaster that was doing the main affect … but with the FLATMaster the images was a little brighter .
    There were still speckles after the "Kernal Filter-Median3x3" filter so I used the "Remove Bad Pixels with 'values' about 200 less
    than the Max-Val reading of about 17250 to about 15000 .. from 0-15000 and most of the speckles disappeared .x
    one images was put into "ImagesPlus" to try to work on it which ends with a ' 1 ' .x
    = When you use the MaximDL Pro 'Sigma-Clip' stacking command and try some settings like in these
    example jpgs … and use Sigma-Factor 3.0 … an notice in the Log window from the 'View' dropdown list
    that 57% was 'clipped' … what does that mean ?
    When I used Sigma-Factor 0.5 … the Log said 99% was 'clipped' .. what does that mean ?
    Could the whole image be being re-constructed or the edges of the image is being 'clipped' !? . =

    { The image that has -copy has it's description shortened from this :
    " M16(en) RebelT7i 666secISO1600 4-Autosaves SigmaClip SigmaFactor 0.5 Linear-no IgnoreOver 'clipped 99percent' - Copy "
    All the end result stacked images were "Equalize Stretch" to this image . }

    ["-Copy2 is this description and Sigma-Factor 3.0 was used and 57% was 'clipped' :
    " M16(en) RebelT7i 666secISO1600 4-Autosaves SigmaClip SigmaFactor 3.0 DeltaLevel'clipped 57percent' - Copy2 "]

    The 700kb image is the Linear Sigma-Factor 0.5 without IgnoreOver checked 99% was 'clipped' ,
    and worked over in "ImagesPlus" .
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