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    May 13, 2018
    RebelT7i modified-UV-IR using an Agena 82A filter thru a TeleVue 2.5XPowerMate into a 2XPowerMate making a "PinPointAstrometry" GSC
    solved' 5900mmF/L using a 152mmA+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare) on an Astro-Physics 1200GTO Mount and twelve 'one-shotColor' images
    were taken as 247secISO6400 and ISO3200 and 5minISO3200 and 4.5minISO6400 then put into MaximDL Pro V6.20 as CR2.s and 'Calibrate
    with Bias and Dark and FlatMaster' and "ConvertColor" and then "Save As.." IEEEFloat to retain data because 16bit loses data in my images ; and
    then 're-open' each image by itself to "Deinterlace" each image and 'Overlay with a 1-pixel down arrow move' and then Sum stacked the 'Odd' and
    Even' and then "Re-Align Planes" and then "KernalFilter-Median5x5" and then "Resize" 3.72micron-pixels to 6.55micron-pixels
    then 'Max-Val' 'screen-stretch' and used the "Stretch" command to make the FITS 12BIT and then "PixelMath 200%-None radio button
    with Add Constant-10 " and then 'Max-Val' 'screen-stretch' and then the "Stretch" command again for 12Bit ... and then "HalfSize" and when all
    of the images were done the same way I did the "Stack" 'Manual 2-Star' Sum ..... after stacking I did "DoubleSize" and then I did "HalfSize" and
    then "HalfSize" and did a minimal 'stretch' and made the FITS a 12BIT image retaining most of the info in this image's 12BIT FITS "Save As..." IEEEFloat and
    I made the JPG out of it ...here... ; the JPG image I used the "Levels" as 12BIT and I increase the 'green' Gamma which made the JPG this way... but
    the FITS isn't the same so you can do things yourself to it . I'l try "ImagesPlus" on it eventually .x

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