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    May 13, 2018
    152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare-1200mmF/L) using a TeleVue .8XReducer/Flattener for an effect of 950mmFL with a BreakThrough X4-UV 49mm filter with step-rings to 48mm and using a CanonEOSII RebelT7i modified UV-IR @ Hutech on an Astro-Physics 1200GTO CP3 '2010' Mount . I started a RAWMonochrome Autosave Sequences of one image each of 67sec for ISO800 and ISO1600 and ISO3200 and ISO6400 and all with a 67secISO100 Flush-frames for each Tile section which I used the 'Auto-center' to move to the next place for the next Tile section .... I Sum stacked each Tile section which all three had a total of eight images in them and there were three Tiles and their result FITS image I did " Digital Development - Gaussian Blur - 1.0 " l ... and this is the result using a ' .11secISO6400 FOCUMax 'First Light Wizard' routine on Sadr in Cygnus followed by a ' .11secISO6400 ' 'focus' routine and I locked the Telescope's StarLight Instruments DrawTube tight to remain at that 'focus' position the night before ... small stars are easy to see even though Sadr was used the other stars in the image but they are small and in 'focus' . .x I also noticed if you select the 'Flip' and 'Mirror' in the 'Options' for Camera1 and the 'downloaded' image is 'flip-mirrored' it will lose the color and a bluish color is the only color .. so it doesn't retain color data if it's used .... the normal 'download' is best . . x

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