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    May 13, 2018
    're-done' from MaximDL Pro to "ImagesPlus" .
    M33 CanonEOSII 6D 'stock' Baader UV-IR Cut-Off 2in. filter thru an APM Flattener thru a 152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare)
    for 4minISO2500 for 18-CR2.s and 'Drizzle DropSize: 50% to Enlarge: 200%' then "HalfSize" in MaximDL Pro V6.16 .
    Then put into "ImagesPlus" for 'Stretch' commands and 'Color' saturation for Yellow and Blue stars . Image is JPG .
    FITS is from MaximDL Pro and from Bin1 as "HlfSz" and "HfSz" ..
    I tried Sum and Average and 'Drizzle DropSize: 75% then Enlarge: 100%' and the 'Drizzle' described above showed the best detail .
    And also when the 'Drizzle' is used it says in the FITS Header that the Time shows the images were 'sum' combined .x

    With the sky having to Moon in it I thought I would clean the inside of the 152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare) about 2 weeks ago .
    The sky is still cloudy today Dec. 30 , 2018 .
    I looked thru the Starlight Instruments 3545 Focuser indoors across a chair with the DrawTube all the way in with the Refractor Collimator
    and it looked OK . I took out the Refractor Collimator and looked at the metal reflecting piece that is at an angle and I found that where you
    look through with your eye that it will un-screw and it will come apart and I tilted it and the metal reflecting piece moved and then I tilted it
    the other way and it fit into a groove and the metal reflecting piece had a better fit and all it's surface will now reflect the light into the
    Telescope...??? … so what I figured out is that it wasn't in there the right way to begin with but I didn't know it mattered .
    I then took the dewshield down and had the Telescope standing on end so I could take off the Refractor Lens to clean the backside of it .
    I loosened the three large screws and I couldn't move it right away so I tried another grip with two hands and all of a sudden it slipped into place
    in the Telescope tube … which means it was up on one end on one side of the tube … and that might be what was causing the glow
    off-center in and image . I cleaned the Lens and put it back on and tightened the three screws and then I laid it over the chair and
    looked thru with the Refractor Collimator and I could now see a green circle and a blue circle that were apart from each other .
    I carefully loosened a large screw and adjusted it's small leveling screw and then checked to see if the two circles of light were moving
    closer together . It took about an hour and a half till I got them to overlap each other and they stayed in even when I turn the
    Starlight Instruments Focuser to another position . I think it's all the right way now but I'm waiting for some clear sky .
    One more thing is the Focuser Drawtube might sag a little bit when it's out and holding a lot of weight and might cause an off-center
    glow in an image . After 'focusing' it might be able to be shimmed with a thin metal to lift the Drawtube up a little to counter the sag .
    I found a large hexhead nut on the DrawTube that can be tightened also to put some anti-deflection tension against the DrawTube and
    keep it straighter when necessary …… I'l eventually figure it out … but I think I'm heading in the right direction with the out of kilter mistakes I
    found with the Refractor Collimator and LOZOS Lens being up ended on the Telescope tube which was just a slight tilt mistake . x

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