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    May 13, 2018
    CanonEOSII 6D'stock-new 2017' thru a TeleVue 2XPowerMate with a 35mm T-Ring setup using step-rings and without any filter being used , on an Astro-Physics 1200GTO Mount after making a PEMPro Curve of 3-Cycles and loading it to the Mount and then PEC-ON and without any 'guiding' I did various Exposures and various ISO's and I Calibrated with Bias and Dark and FLAT frames for each ISO which were ISO50 , ISO1600 , ISO3200 , ISO4000 , and ISO6400 ... then a BatchProcess routine and I SUM stacked the fourteen images and the Moon was high in the sky and there was a haze from approaching clouds ... it took awhile to use Curves and other commands to get the image to show some content .x I re-did M42 and I worked on the 25secISO50 RAWMono images and stretched them to darken the 'banding' in the outer area and them made them a 12BIT image . I worked on each image again and made them with a certain 'screen-stretch' .. a 12Bit image and then for each image I did 'Realign Planes' to adjust the decline red and blue a little which I used in the BatchProcess before doing "KernalFilter-Median3x3" and then "kernalFilet-LowPass" and then "FFT Filter LowPass Custom: 20 and 40weight" and "ColorSmoothing" and BIN2 and "PinPoint Astrometry GSC" and 'Save As... IEEEFloat' and then I made them a 12BIT with a stretch . I stacked them with 'Astrometric' and I made the ISO50 images the 'Reference' and ISO6400 was last . Images were 25secISO50 and 106secISO4000 and 126secISO3200 and 100secISO1600 and 60secISO6400 . More 25secISO50 will be needed next time instead of the four I used this time to make the Trapezium thicker . I imaged this with the MaximDL Pro V6.15 with Autosave using the CanonEOSII 6D'stock-new 2017 model' with 'HighISO NoiseReduction at High' to make the noise a little less ... the flat frames were done the same way . Before I tried the M42 I was doing PEMPro Curves with a 152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare-1200mmF/L) using a TeleVue 2XPowerMate for 2400mmFL . I used 'Mirror Lockup - 4sec' and ' .01secISO6400 ' and 1sec Delay between images so it amounted to about 5sec between each sub-frame image to do the Aquire Data for 3-Cycles .... like I read in a printout about an RCX-400's Periodic Error and how to fix it . I lowered the RMS Error with 5th-Order which showed the least RMS Error and I did the 'Clicked to Display next worm cycle' double arrows on the bottom right of window 'two' times ; then I pressed 'Create PE Profile and Close' button to get ready to load ' To Mount ' which I did and then I aquired two cycles with PEC-ON and I Added Curve1 PEC-OFF to Curve2 PEC-ON' and then load ' To Mount ' and I aquired two more cycles but I wasn't sure it was doing what I wanted so I again used the 'original' 3-Cycle Curve and with clouds moving in I did the load ' To Mount ' and then I went to M42 from Nu Tauri and I did the 60secISO6400 images first and then the 25secISO50 images next and etc. .. Next time with a clear sky I will try M42 again in about a week from now at 1/15/2020 and I will see what a 140sec Image will look like with the RA part of the stars after a few images to see if they stay round and not oblong and then I'l read ' From Mount ' with PEMPro and then 'Scale' up ' 1.0 ' and then load ' To Mount ' and try the 140sec exposures again to see if any RA oblong stars if any are staying round ... not all images stay round at these longer exposures without 'guiding' which I'm doing to see how the PEC corrections are holding steady . This might be a way to test a PEC Recording with an 'object' like M42 without 'guiding' . After doing M42 I did a Calibrate with the Canon 6D as Camera2 at BIN2 and X and Y Axis moves of 35seconds each and the 'calibration' lines were a perfect 'Polar Alignment' so any mistakes in the RA of the stars would be the non-correct wiggle of the gears in the Mount but there really wasn't any except at 125sec images but not all of them show out of round stars and those that do you can delete .
    Images at BIN2 size .x
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