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    May 13, 2018
    Here is the FITS of M76 I sent that I put into "ImagesPlus" and did a 'Scale 2.0' to enlarge it like a 'DoubleSize' but the
    FITS Header doesn't show the change in the 'Pixel sizes' so if the "ImagesPlus" processed FITS is put back into
    MaximDL Pro the 'Pixels sizes' in this case needed to be change from 26 to 13 and then a 'HalfSize' or Bin2 to
    return to the original size and be able to 'solve' like this FITS here … this needed a lot of work in "ImagesPlus"
    to reduce the background discoloration that was mottled .x

    { usually I use with the Astro-Physics 1200GTO 2010 Mount that has a new processor in it and the newest
    KeyPad update and I'm at 41* degrees Latitude and when looking North like at M76 I would always use
    GuideRate .25xSidereal but two weeks ago the mount wouldn't Calibrate at that and I tried everything
    and I remembered what Astro-Physics said to do which is use the 1xSidereal GuideRate because it'll
    detect data in MaximDL Pro and cause the RA Motor to run at a speed for the Declination it is at .
    It Calibrated and it had minimal errors while at M76 … but then I went to IC1848 and started guiding
    and RA went wild and large RA errors … so I Calibrated again with 1xSidereal and there were minimal
    errors …. so , so far it works ok but I'l try that around M8 and see what happens .}

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