M82 Deinterlace with only 'bilinear' and Linear 'stacking'

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    May 13, 2018
    When I used 'bilinear' in the Align tab instead of 'bicubic resample' for all stacking from Deinterlace of an
    image … the final four M82 images seemed to look a little smoother in the 'background' around M82 .

    Canon 6D 667secISO4000 OrionSkyGlow 2in. filter 4800mmFL ...Deinterlace each CR2. image at Bin1 and 'Auto-Correlation bilinear Sum' then all four 12bit 0-4095 processed CR2.s 'bilinear Manual 2 star - SigmaClip SigmaFactor 0.5 Linear Normalization:50% . This JPG is the result but I brightened M82 and Un-SharpMask and Dilation and Saturation and there wasn't ever any 'background' smoothing to any of the images used ... the FITS is un-processed and seems to look smooth in the 'background' so I think all 'bilinear' and Linear options have a smoother image than the 'Bicubic resample' image of M82 . Here is the LOG: MaxIm DL Version 6.20 started on DESKTOP-QCLR41U
    Process, Stack
    4 files added in 1 group (new) [2.47 sec]
    View, Zoom In: _MG_3105 M82 Deinterlace Auto-Correlation bilinearAlign Sum Group1.fit [Reference image]
    Added 4 images for Group1 [18.50 sec]
    Sigma Clip factor 0.50: clipped 99.8% (60367828 of 60510960 pixels)
    Sigma Clip combine succeeded using 131072KB memory [5.02 sec]
    Process, Stack (OK)
    File, Save As: Group1
    File, Save As (OK)
    View, Zoom In: M82 Canon6Dstock 667secISO4000 4800mmFL OrionSkyGlow 4-CR2sDeinterlace 'linear'SigmaClipGroup1.fit
    File .x

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