M94 'Cat's Eye Galaxy'

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    May 13, 2018
    I re-did this image after doing another 'KernalFilter-Median3x3' to each single image before Sum stacking each ISO type in it's own Folder .

    152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare-1200mmF/L) thru a TeleVue 2.5XPowerMate for an effect of 2960mmFL using a CanonEOSII RebelT7i modified UV-IR @ Hutech and using a BreakThrough X4-UV 49mm filter with step-rings to 48mm doing RAWMonochrome Autosave images thru MaximDL Pro V6.16 form 47secISO1600 to ISO12800 and the same for 81sec and 120sec , and 181secISO25600 then included . Some of the 'objects' I have been doing have had to have a 20sec'guiding' star exposure with an ZWOASI120MC-S webcam at Bin2 because there are very few stars looking West to 'guide' with , but I had the PEM-ON in the Astro-Physics 1200GTO Mount which might help to keep the 'tracking' steady . I used RAWMonochrome Autosave Sequences for 47sec , 81sec , 127sec , and 181sec . There was some dis-coloration in the background but "Flatten Background" with alot of points helped , and "Color Balance" where I used the M94 Galaxy core with the 'mouse' for 'Background' and that darkened a lot in the 'background' removing dis-coloration . x { I did this image again which was done as 'Calibrate' , 'ConvertColor' , 'Make Pixels Square' , 'KernalFilter-Median3x3' , 'Resize to 6.5micronPixels' , 'Bin2' , 'Make Pixels Square' , and the 'ColorBalance-Scaling R-110 G-115 B-120 and Auto button for 'Background' ' , and again 'KernalFilter-Median3x3' , then 'Save As... IEEEFloat .' and I Sum stacked each ISO type in it's own Folder and then I Sum stacked the resulting ISO Sum FITS to this FITS result . I used the 'DigitalDevelopment-FFT-low pass-Hard' , and various other commands .} .

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