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Discussion in 'Image Capture' started by Charles Burke, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. Charles Burke

    Charles Burke Standard User

    Oct 7, 2019

    We are using Maxim DL with a recently purchased ZWO AS1701 color camera. The camera works fine except that we only get monochrome images. What do we need to do to photograph in color ? Could not find appropriate setting.

    Thanks for your assistance.

  2. Colin Haig

    Colin Haig Staff Member

    Oct 27, 2014
    Am not sure what model of camera you are talking about... probably transposed some letters/numbers.
    There are two common ways of dealing with colour cameras.
    On the Camera Control window, Expose Tab, look at the Readout Mode to see if it has any options. These options come from the ZWO ASI ASCOM camera driver.
    If there is no suitable option, then you just need to know the Bayer mask colour order (eg RGGB, BGGR or whatever that camera uses), and use the functions under the Color menu to convert it appropriately.

    Also, I suggest you register for MaxIm technical support.

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