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Discussion in 'Spectrographs' started by Jenny Hatchell, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Jenny Hatchell

    Jenny Hatchell Standard User

    Jan 12, 2015
    We are missing a bolt for the SGS spectrometer mounting plate and finding it hard to locate spares (we are in the UK and mostly metric). The bolts are roughly 5/16" long and fit a 3/32 hex key. We are mounting to a ST10-XME. Can you advise on the bolt specification?

    Dr Jenny Hatchell
    University of Exeter
  2. Tim Puckett

    Tim Puckett Guest

    Dear Dr. Hatchell
    I checked the archive and below is every bold in the unit.

    4) Coupling attachment screws and one spare w/ allen wrench. (4-40 X ΒΌ SHCS)
    2) 8-32 x 0.5 SST SHCS
    4) 6-32 x 0.38 SST SHCS
    14) 4-40 x 0.375 SST SHCS
    20) 4-40 x 0.25 SST SHCS
    9) 4-40 x 0.13 SST SHCS
    2) 2-56 x 0.38 SST SHCS
    2) 2-56 x 0.13 SST SHCS

    I hope this helps

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