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    Oct 19, 2014
    Im setting up my dream observatory at a country site which I plan in the near future to make fully robotic.
    The setup includes a takahashi fsqedxIII with my new sbig stx 16803 with fw5 as well as a 14” carbon fibre orion odk with an stt8300m with self guiding filter wheel and a small 50mm refractor with an sti M. All running on a Paramount ME. The main problem I have is, how do I remotely connect the three possible guider outputs to the Paramount?

    Obviously when Im physically out at the observatory , I can plug the guider I decide to use into the mount. When the observatory is used remotely I will have to be able leave the three connected and choose between them.

    Given the guide signals are just essentially relays (optical couplers) closing, I suspect I can simply daisy chain the guide port leads on 6 pin rj12 splitters (rj45 splitters with rj12 sleeves) and as long as 2 guiders are not working at the same time it should be fine. I would be grateful for advice as to whether this is foolish or dangerous or if there is another alternative
    kind regards
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