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    Box Nebula I tried with a Canon EOS Rebel T7i modified-Hutech with a TeleVue 2.5XPowerMte for 2960mmFL with a 152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare-carbonfibre Tube with a LOZOS Lens) . 5minISO1600 images
    as RAWMono-Autosaves in MaximDL Pro V6.16 . The Box is small at this 95xpwr magn. but I'l try more
    with two 2XPowerMates together for 150xpwr .

    What I can see with my images at this 95xpwr is if I 'focus' to the side of 'center' on the right side of the image
    I will probably see 'flarring' stars on the opposite side and this indicates 'out of Collimation' ? .
    So this I can see happens at any F/L .
    I was reading a Celestron 'Reflector Collimator' I have and for that it would work but I have a Refractor .
    I did a GOOGLE Search for 'Refractor Collimator' and '' has one for 'refractors' for $27.00 .
    It described how you cover the Lens and put the 'Collimator' in the drawtube and shine a light into the side
    and you will see a few small circles , you move the 'collimation screws' till the circles merge to one circle and
    that's it ... it's as simple as that . I ordered one that will be here Saturday and I'l try it .
    The Internet has someone with the last name of Hunter who has an APM/LOZOS type Lens and the
    Lens cell can't be 'collimated' and most likely doesn't need to be because at the factory they do that to
    the 'triplet' already and have a graph paper describing it ...LOZOS ...that is .
    So you must use the three small screws by the large bolt screws to the Telescope tube like a tripod
    type leveling setup to position the Lens cell a certain way . Maybe the Refractor Collimator will do a
    good enough job . I also have an APM Flattener for like a Canon EOS 6D 35mm DSLR and that
    has those same screw types so then I'l put an Extention Tube to the APM Flattener and put the
    Refractor Collimator in so I can try to get that 'collimated' to the LOZOS Lens ... I hope that
    cures the flaring stars at the opposite side of the images from a good 'focus' on one side of the image .
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