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Discussion in 'Aluma Series' started by Gordon Bowser, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Gordon Bowser

    Gordon Bowser Standard User

    Oct 30, 2018
    Regarding potential purchase of Aluma 3200, AO-8A, FW8G-Aluma as an integrated imaging train

    The filter wheel takes 36mm and 1.25" filters. Questions...
    1. On the AstroDon site, the 36mm filters are unmounted. Are those compatible with filter wheel?
    2. Does the filter wheel require unmounted filters (to avoid vignetting)?
    3. Are there other filter manufacturers of 36mm compatible filters (without vignetting) on that you'd recommend?
    4. Can I use 1.25" filters with adaptors? But will they then have vignetting?
    5. If usable, how much do these adaptors cost ?
    6. With this set up, does it need just one power and one data cable to support all 3 units (camera, AO and filter wheel)

    I have an old SBIG ST-10XME.
    Is it feasible to re-cycle the Kaf 3200 Class 1 from this camera in a new Aluma 3200? What would that do the pricing?
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  2. Doug

    Doug Staff Member

    Sep 25, 2014
    1. Yes, the wheel is designed for unmounted 36 mm filters. Also 1.25" mounted filters can be installed using an available adapter ring.
    2. The wheel is designed for unmounted 36 mm, not mounted.
    3. Baader and Optolong make decent filters. We also offer filter sets of comparable quality to those.
    4. Yes. The sensor has an 18 mm diagonal. The clear area on a 1.25" mounted filter is a little under 30 mm. Depending on your f/ratio it may or may not vignette.
    5. See
    6. Yes, one power cable and one USB cable.
    Yes it is possible to transplant the sensor, though that is at your risk. (Unlikely to be a problem but obviously we can't guarantee the sensor.) I will ask Tim Puckett to send you a quotation.

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