Replacement options for Starlight Express MX7C with MaximDL Pro

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    Aug 5, 2015
    We've been using the Starlight Express MX7C for about 10 years now, to take images of particle beams interacting with gas targets at the TRIUMF nuclear & particle physics lab in Vancouver, BC. Recently we upgraded to maximDL Pro, and had to install the obsolete driver pack to get camera to work. However, last week the camera failed and cannot be revived. We are looking for a modern replacement that does the same (or better) job than the MX7C. In particular, we use continuous focus mode as we use the updating images to tune the position of the particle beam on target. I attach a screenshot of the light produced by beam interaction with gas from a typical run. We tend to use exposure times between 1 and 30 seconds.

    We have the camera attached to a telescope with M42 thread looking into a port directly into the beam line. The object distance is around 5m.

    Ideally we'd like a camera that:
    (a) fits the current M42 thread with no need to change adapters or length
    (b) connects to a modern Windows PC via USB 2.0
    (c) runs perfectly well with MaximDL Pro
    (d) has the same image capabilities as the MX7C

    The ST-i colour camera was touted. Is this a possible option fulfilling these requirements?
    Any help from the forum would be greatly appreciated.


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    Research Scientist - TRIUMF

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