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    May 13, 2018
    M57 last night 7/9/2018 with a Canon EOS Rebel T7i 'modified-Hutech' without using any filter' for 9minISO1600 for MaximDL Pro V6.16 Autosave FITS images .
    I spent about three hours doing exposures like this and making adjustments as 'Move In' 20-Increments and expose ... and 'Move Out' 20-Increments and then expose .
    This image is the 'original' focus of a 'Live View' focus on Sheliak's small star by it using a 152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare) thru a TeleVue 2.5XPowerMate into
    a TeleVue 2XPowerMate for 5400mm F/L and 170xpwr magnification . Most of the images were similar to this 1st image .
    THEN I thought I'l try 100secISO6400 and move the 'focuser' with a 'Move In' for 50-Increments and expose ... then 50 more Increments and expose and each time
    the stars became 1/2 the size they were till I had did an amount of 'Move In' 50-Increments added up to 250 total Increments with a Starlight Instruments Focuser
    and a Starizona Motor Focuser . The 2nd image here is done for 125secISO6400 and now the small stars are visible !?!. I tried lower ISO's and they are noticeably
    darker .... so maybe ISO6400 is key to me doing the M57 Ring Nebula ....tonight is cloudy but tomorrow night is clearer so I'l try again for more 2minISO6400 images .x
    The images are the 'original' Bin1 size and they aren't cropped .x

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