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    We recommend all customers stay current on software and firmware.

    Current Software and Drivers
    Current SBIG class camera software versions (as of 2022-11-22):
    SBIG Driver Checker is 4.05
    sbigudrv.dll is
    You can check this by launching the driver checker, and clicking [Help/About].
    Like this: (see the orange arrow and the orange oval):

    Sbigudrv.dll is the best version available and includes support for dual AFW filter wheels on STX series cameras that have the current firmware. This .dll file is included with the drivers that are embedded in the installation package. No internet connection is needed to install this version.

    This installer includes the sbigudrv.dll version, which is compatible with MaxIm DL Pro versions such as 6.30. It is NOT compatible with versions about 5-10 yeras old or more) prior to about 6.20 as there was a filter wheel and shutter handling issue that can impact MaxIm versions around 6.16 - 6.20, and some prior software or third party software.

    Where to get the driver checker
    You can download the software and manuals for the ST/STL/STXL/STX/STT/STF cameras on the Legacy Support Page here:
    or directly:

    What if I have old, obsolete, or unsupported software?
    If you are running MaxIm prior to 6.20 or third-party software that is having an issue with the filter wheel or shutter on your camera, follow these instructions:

    Disconnect your camera from the computer and power off.
    If SBIG Driver Checker is installed on your system, launch it, and [Remove] the drivers.
    In the control panel, or Settings... Apps, remove the SBIG Driver Checker.

    Download the attached
    This version includes sbigudrv.dll 4.99 build 7, which may resolve the issue.
    Unzip the
    Run the installer.
    Launch it.
    Click [Upodate] to start the install process for the drivers.
    When it asks to connect to the internet, say NO. Like this:

    It will instead use the version included with the installer, which is 4.99 build 7.
    If you accidentally say YES, is will download the latest,

    What is I have a Parallel Port ST-series camera?
    Microsoft made security changes to Windows XP and later software, preventing access to the hardware parallel port interface. These old cameras are not supported and cannot be upgraded.
    The old drivers and documentation are preserved on the legacy product page referenced above.

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