SBIG StarChaser - New Solution for pinpoint stars

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  1. Colin Haig

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    Oct 27, 2014
    Looking for a better solution to get pinpoint stars ?
    Always dreaming of adaptive optics for your SBIG STF or Aluma camera?
    Want a larger off-axis guider sensor for your STX or STXL ?

    Diffraction Limited is pleased to announce two new products, the:
    SBIG StarChaser SC-2 off-axis guiding camera
    SBIG StarChaser SC-3 large format 3" off-axis guiding camera

    Both units are 3-in-1 units that operate as standalone cameras with pick-off optics, a large 1.3megapixel sensor, and control of an optional Adaptive Optics unit such as the AO-8A or AO-X respectively.

    If you wished your STF could control an AO unit, your dreams have been answered. Simply add an SC-2 and AO-8A to the front of your FW8-8300 filter wheel.

    We'll officially be unveiling them at the Advanced Imaging Conference, November 15-17th.
    We expect these will be available to order very soon.

    We're also about to release Beta 1 of MaxIm DL 6.21 which includes support for the new SBIG StarChaser guiders.

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