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Discussion in 'STC Series CMOS' started by Doug, Aug 20, 2020.

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    Sep 25, 2014
    We now have three new STC models available:


    STC-7 - a complete astrophotography package. The camera comes with an integrated filter wheel/shutter with a complete set of LRGB+Ha+SII+OIII filters.


    STC-428-OEM - this model is intended for OEM applications, where it is built into instruments for medical and research applications. The first application for this new model is in vaccine verification testing. This camera also makes a good standalone imager for laboratory use.


    STC-428-P - this model is primarily intended for UBVRI photometric measurements. It sports an 8 position filter wheel accommodating 36-mm unmounted and 1.25" thread-in filters, to accommodate readily-available photometric filter sets. The filter wheel also acts as a shutter for dark frames.
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