STF Series Cameras - Limited Stock Remaining

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    Sep 25, 2014
    Updated October 2, 2020:

    Due to the ON Semi CCD retirement, some of our products have limited availability. We have the following available:

    STF-8300EN (monochrome, enhanced cooling): 7 units
    STF-8300CEN (one-shot color, enhanced cooling): 3 units

    STF-8050SC (sparse color): 1 unit

    STF-4070SC (sparse color): 7 units
    STF-4070C (one-shot color): 2 units

    Please note that other brands of CCD sensors are still available, including SONY and E2V. Our most popular Aluma CCD cameras are unaffected by the ON Semi sensor retirement.

    As they are being phased out, the replacement for STF is our new STC scientific CMOS series. Please visit our web site for more information.
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