Staff Assigned: Adam Robichaud STX 16803 problem

Discussion in 'STX and STXL Series Cameras' started by bandido, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. bandido

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    Jul 14, 2018

    Sorry for my poor english... :)

    I just buyed an second hand STX 16803 and I have a problem I can't resolve.

    When I plug the CCD in my computer, the SBIG device is recognized in device manager (w7-64) but I can't connect the CCD with CCDOps. When I try to connect with SBIGDriverChecker64, I can't stablish the link.

    The drivers are correctly installed. When I plug the power cord, the fan starts but stops after 5 seconds. It is the same thing if I plug the USB cable to my computer or not.

    I live in Switzerland, would you have a solution so I don't need to send back the CCD to a repair center ? Do you know if there is a repair center in Europe ?

    Thank you and regards,

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