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  1. Colin Haig

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    Oct 27, 2014
    A few shots of the June 10th, 2021 partial solar eclipse - straight out of camera, only processing was cropping/DPI change.

    Right at sunrise, 5:39am on the western shore of Lake Ontario. The first horn of the eclipse is visible.

    The solar disk arrives above the low clouds on the horizon. Several birds flew over as witness to the spectacle.

    As the sun and moon climb, the separation widens:

    By 6:14 am, the pair are climbing high over the lake. Thin cloud gives a halo effect.

    Nearing the final moments at 6:35, the moon is still easily visible. The Hoya ND100,000 filter and HDR made it possible to capture the brilliant sun and clouds. _IMG1466.jpg

    At 6:37, the moon is gently kissing the sun goodbye - coverage is barely perceptible. Moments later, it's gone. HaigEclipseEnd20210610.jpg

    Great start to the day!
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    Thanks for sharing and being up Early Colin. The second one is my favorite - wonderful.

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