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    Sep 25, 2014
    Extended Support

    The following products are discontinued but are on limited extended support. This means we can provide repairs and answer technical questions, but they are not on active maintenance. This includes the following cameras and their associated accessories (including filter wheels and guiders):
    • STF series
    • STX series
    • STXL series
    In addition the SBIG Universal Driver software is on extended support.

    Support Terminated

    Support is discontinued for the following products and associated accessories (including filter wheels and guiders):
    • ST series
    • ST-I series
    • STL series
    • STT series
    • FW8G self-guiding filter wheels
    • STX guider
    • Remote Guide Head
    Support for CCDOPS and all special purpose software (spectrograph, AllSky, Seeing Monitor, SG-4, etc.) has been terminated.

    User-to-User Support

    If you have problems with legacy equipment that is no longer supported, please feel free to post in the Legacy Models - Community Support section. Other users may have answers for your questions! Our staff may respond to answer simple questions, but will not be able to assist with more complex matters.

    SBIG Service & Repair

    Extended Support equipment can be serviced by Bill Lynch at SBIG Service & Repair.

    Bill can also perform basic service such as cleaning and minor repairs on older Support Terminated equipment. Please note that repair parts are not available for ST series models. Certain components may be available for STL series. Repair parts are more readily available for many newer discontinued models such as STF. Repair parts are also available for ST-I.

    Special note: ST-8300 can be serviced by upgrading the main board to STF-8300, which also provides improved camera performance. This may also be possible with ST-402, ST-1603, and ST-3200.
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