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Discussion in 'Aluma Series' started by Robert Price, May 17, 2020.

  1. Robert Price

    Robert Price Cyanogen Customer

    Mar 27, 2020
    after guide camera exposure and calibration with aluma 8300 FW8g I get the error "error plugin callback [519]" when I initiate the track function. can you help? DL imaging camera connects OK and DL imaging guide FW connects OK.

    Update after upgrading to 6.21:
    tracking with the guide CCD is still not working. The guide CCD takes a exposure and does calibrate. When I start track the error message no longer appears in the info window during tracking but the track function does not track in one axis ( I assume just one axis but the Declination axis may just not have enough drift to need correcting). The guide info box shows a steady increasing guide error in one axis no matter what aggression number I use. What is interesting is that this guide error shows itself in the graph window as occurring in the other axis. Before I updated from MaxIM DL 6.18, I could put a box around a star I wanted to guide on (just like I can in CCDOps) and when I start the tracking the guide CCD exposed image would disappear and the box with the guide star appears (just as with CCDOPs selfguide). With the 6.21 upgrade the guide CCD exposed image with the small red calibration lines touching the brightest star does not disappear when I start track, and no guide star box appears as it does in CCDOPs and as it did in DL ver 6.18.
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