Using dual SBIG AFW filter wheels with TheSkyX

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    Oct 27, 2014
    If you wish to use a stacked pair of the SBIG AFW Filter Wheels with Software Bisque's TheSky X, it is easy to set up, provided you have the USB-FW adapter and are running Windows with ASCOM.

    What you need:
    How to set it up:
    1. Mechanically install the hardware, per the instruction manuals. Connect the dual filter wheel cable to the USB-to-FW adapter. Do not connect them to an SBIG camera or an RS232 port.
    2. Install the ASCOM Platform 6.6, if you haven't already done so.
    3. Install TheSky X if you haven't already done so. We recommend the latest Daily Build.
    4. Install the SBIG USB to FW driver software.
    5. Configure TheSky X to have the main camera's filter wheel set up as an ASCOM filter wheel.
    Select ASCOM FilterWheel Driver for SBIG.USB filter wheel adapter.
    Click properties, and select the Communication Port to talk to the USB-FW adapter.
    Check [x] Use Dual Filter Wheel.
    Do the FW 1 Setup, then the FW 2 Setup, and then the Virtual Slots Setup to define the filter wheel and slots.
    You will need to connect to the camera and filter wheel in order to set up the Filter Names in TSX.

    You can use the ASCOM Diagnostics - Device Connection Tester to verify the filter wheels are talking.

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