Windows 10 Extra Updates

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    Oct 27, 2014
    Have you recently re-installed Windows 10 or are having problems getting everything to work?
    Here's a handy tip to ensure that you are getting the updates for Microsoft Runtime components and other Microsoft updates.

    Turn on the Optional Updates:
    1. Start... Settings... Windows Update
    2. Click on the Advanced Options. It's usually near the bottom of the list in the middle, like this:
    3. Turn on the Update Option to Receive updates for other Microsoft products:
    4. Then go back and check for Windows Updates again.

    5. It may find and install new updates, especially for Microsoft Runtime components and security patches.

    There are also Optional Updates which may include Device Drivers. I don't recommend installing these, unless you have a specific hardware problem. It is usually better to check with the device manufacturer.

    I recommend you reboot after each update session.

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