IC 443 Jellyfish

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    Nov 14, 2014
    Ic 443 SHORVB 54h35mn VFmini.jpg
    IC 443 rémanent de supernova en SHORVB
    in Gemini constellation
    Set up:
    Télescope Astrosib 360mm 14" F/8
    Mount Astrophysics AP1600 AE (absolute encoders )
    Camera Moravian G4 16003 frame 15mn -25°C + camera SBIG STX +AOX frame 20mn -30°C
    The Skyx pro+ Pixinsight
    Filters Ha=3nm OIII=3nm SII=3nm
    Ha=24h10mn + OIII=12h20mn + SII= 16h40mn + RVB 1h25mn Total= 54h35mn
    Jenuary to february 2017
    Place :Fregenal de la Sierra (Espagne) télescope in remote

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